ShackAway is a concept of living and vacationing in small dwellings, just the right amount of enclosed space that a person actually needs to perform everyday functions, and some luxuries of life.

Get away to a shack by yourself, with someone special, family or friends, to connect with other families and friends, or just to get some quiet time away from it all. You will be able to enjoy the great outdoors, while also experiencing the quaint intimacy of the indoors. Most of us could live with less than we have, yet still have a greater degree of comfort and pleasure than is strictly enforced in the more luxurious atmospheres. Shacks could be simple designs with space saving ideas, that allow you to enjoy your surroundings. They are the opposite of luxury homes. Shacks could be a graceful addition to the landscape.

In short, shacks are for people who like to keep life simple. We believe this is the way life should be, whether you’re in a shack on a beach with a cold pina colada or on a snowy mountain with a steamy mug of hot cocoa. Life is good in a shack!